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Hidden water leaks can increase your water bill by a surprising amount. The dripping water may cause damage to your home as well since water can destroy almost anything over time.

Electronics can easily be ruined, wood warps, and metal rusts. You may also develop a mold problem. You’ll need to look for these warning signs of a water leak to determine if you need leak detection services in Palm Beach Gardens.

Water Damage

You may first notice signs of water damage in the area where you may have a water leak. The paint might be peeling off the walls. Vinyl flooring may curl and tiles may become loose. Mold spots may form on the walls and floor. The mold may regrow after you clean it up. Water stains may form on the ceiling. Wood may warp and deteriorate.

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Common Water Leak Culprits

Any pipes in your home can develop water leaks. The rubber part of your toilet can wear out and leak water. The washing machine hose may allow water to escape. A leak can easily develop under a sink without you noticing and cause water damage. Your bath or shower might not shut off completely and may continue to drip water.

 Checking the Water Meter

Inspect your water meter to find out if you are losing water. First, turn off all faucets and make sure that the dishwasher is not running. Then, inspect the water meter. If you notice a rapid change with your water meter, this indicates that you have a strong leak.

However, if you do not see any change, check the water meter in a few hours. If the water meter changes, you may have a slower leak. You’ll be able to find the leak anywhere after the meter and it may also be underground.

Monitoring Your Usage and Water Bill

Make sure that your water usage is normal for a family as big as yours. Also, you may realize that you have a water leak after you discover a surprisingly high water bill. Gather several past bills and compare them over time. You may be able to pinpoint when your home developed a leak.

Adding Food Coloring to Your Toilet

A toilet is a common and often missed source of water leaks. Before contacting a plumber, add food coloring to the tank and inspect the bowl in ten minutes. If you notice that the water in the bowl has changed color, your toilet might be wasting water. The excess water in the bowl will simply exit the toilet down the drain without you noticing.

Call For Water Leak Detection Services

Our water leak detection service will use sophisticated tools to find the location of your leak. Modern leak detection technologies will not damage your property, including your landscape. They will be able to find a water leak anywhere on your residential property. They can even find leaks in a radiant floor using infrared technologies. We serve the residents of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Give us a call today!


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