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Kitchen Plumbing Repair And Installation Services In Palm Beach Gardens

Trouble with garbage disposal or kitchen sink? Give us a call!

No matter what’s going on in the world outside your home, sink leaks and backed-up toilets won’t wait. If you’re struggling with a garbage disposal that just isn’t doing the work anymore, know that we’re here for you and are just a phone call away.

Kitchen Plumbing Challenges

Your Palm Beach Gardens home is your oasis in the storm and you need all the features of your plumbing to work effectively.

Unfortunately, garbage disposals present a particular challenge. You may be wondering if you even need it.

There are multiple benefits to having, and using, your garbage disposal.

  • Food waste in your trash can smells.
  • Food waste in your trash can will draw pests, including mice, roaches and ants.
  • Food waste minced in your landfill releases a greenhouse gas called methane.
  • Food waste chopped into tiny bits by your garbage disposal can be flushed out in your wastewater.

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Garbage Disposal Repair

If your disposal works but has a bad odor, it needs cleaned. This is an often overlooked kitchen plumbing problem. You can easily clean your garbage disposal with little risk to you. Slice up a lemon and drop it into the disposal, running it after each slice. The acid in the lemon will eat away grease and can quickly clear out the smell.

If this fix doesn’t work long-term, heat 1 quart of water to boiling. Add a bit of degreasing soap directly into the garbage disposal, then pour the boiling water slowly down the sink while running the disposal.

If your disposal still smells, call our plumbing company here in Palm Beach Gardens. You may have a partial jam or clog. The most important thing to remember is whether it smells or is completely jammed, never, ever put your hands down your garbage disposal.

Drain Cleaning Services

Your kitchen drain flows to the sewer line that transports waste from your home to the sewer main. Depending on the age of your home, you may be struggling with a slow drain from various plumbing fixtures of your home.

If your drainage issues are common to the whole house, the problem may be something as simple as tree roots in a clay pipe drain, or as complex as a busted or collapsed line between your house and the sewer main. Contact us for a snaking service and a full sewer line check. We can run a camera down the line to make sure it’s in good shape once we’ve snaked it out.

New Kitchen Plumbing Services

The addition of new cabinets to your kitchen can be quite exciting, but it will take some coordinating to get your plumber into the house at the right time. You’ll need help running new water and drain lines if you’ve changed the layout. You’ll also need help setting the new sink, hooking up the new faucet, installing the new garbage disposal and making sure the drain lines are working well.

Your kitchen drain is like a lot of other mechanical features in your home. You don’t really need to think about it until it doesn’t work. If you notice that your drain has a nasty smell or takes a long time to drain even when you’re running the disposal, give us a call. We can help to diagnose the problem and get your sink working efficiently again.

Your home is your dream and our business. Contact our office with your renovation schedule and intended installation date so we can get a professional on-site on the day you need your sink installed. We can also work with you on the faucet, sink and disposal you want to finish out your kitchen renovation. Call today for a FREE quote!


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